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We do it extra

NoVéL's filmmakers have for many years had the pleasure of producing many different films, which has enabled us today to produce films in the fields of fashion, commercials, cinema films, music videos and material for advertising on social media.

The film equipment is professional from lens to camera, which is approved for Netflix/Cinema. We have been looking for the perfect combination to ensure high stability at work and create the best possible images that please the eye.

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Video by NoVèL


Our recent work


We take your product and create an idea and storyboard, which you will be able to give feedback on.


We film the raw footage and various elements that will be used for your vision.


We edit the images and sound of the recorded films which is combined into a finished product.

Satisfaction assessment

We want to make sure you are satisfied, therefore we perform a satisfaction assessment.

What we do

Professional movies and pictures

The customer's preferences are always the first priority and therefore we usually also offer a complete setup, where we take care of idea development, recordings and editing. The customer can always provide input to the process, but for us it is about leading your product from start to finish.

Our Video

Production process

Editing (master)

Satisfaction assessment


Record on location

Storyboard and conversation

Idea generation